Aelan Cell Technologies and the Buck Institute Announce Licensing Agreement

CTO of Emerging Materials


Dr. David J. Maloney, PhD, is the Chief Technology Officer of US Equity Holdings, specializing in Emerging Materials.


Before joining the US Equity Holdings team, David worked as a Technology Director at Intermolecular, Inc., (San Jose, CA). During this time, he championed Intermolecular’s initiatives in the use of statistical methods as applied to chemical formulations; led Intermolecular’s “cheminformatics” program; and was named the company’s “Subject-Matter Expert” (SME) for chemistry, while supporting Intermolecular’s leading materials account.

Prior to Intermolecular, David served in several technical and management roles in his 15-year tenure at DuPont/EKC Technology (Hayward, CA). This included transitioning from the United States R&D Director into the Global R&D Director, where he led the commercialization of three new products with an annual budget of $6 million. Under his leadership, David restructured the intellectual property management process and improved its efficiency, while trimming the technology & IP budgets by 75%. As a Global Marketing Manager at DuPont, David grew emerging segments for LED, PV, and HDD. David also led the development of several formulated chemistries for use in semiconductor cleaning and surface preparation, creating more than $20 million of total revenue.

David has demonstrated effectiveness in product innovation and getting technology into the market with profitable revenue. He has proven experience with intellectual property & competitive strategy.


David has authored over 45 peer-reviewed articles, patents and trade articles. He holds chemistry degrees from McGill University (B.Sc) and Texas A&M University (Ph.D), and earned an MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.