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Dominique Bourse is a noted executive with a 25 year career in the entertainment & media industry.

During his illustrious career, he held several high level executive positions at The Walt Disney Company, including Senior Vice President, International & Global Business Development (Disney Interactive), Vice President, Marketing & Business Development (The Walt Disney Company), and CEO of Disney Interactive (Europe, Middle East & Africa).

He is currently Co-Chairman and CEO of Cyber Group Europe (, founded with Pierre Sissmann (Former President of The Walt Disney Company EMEA).

Cyber Group Europe is a consulting firm specialized in the entertainment and media sector. Cyber Group Europe has been involved in many complex projects including:

  • Advising CitiGroup on the purchase of The Disney Stores Europe and APAX Partners & SOROS on the purchase of Monaco Telecom.

  • Advising the Dubai government on the development of a theme park industry cluster in Dubai (

Through a Cyber Group Europe subsidiary, Cyber Group Studios (, a producer of TV animated series for children with multiple international blockbusters, Dominique has spearheaded the launching of a new media division producing series for the Internet and mobile phones targeted to an older audience. The first production "Foreign Body" ( has been set as a strategic partnership with Michael Eisner's (former Chairman & CEO The Walt Disney Company) company Tornante and the New York Time Best Seller book-writer Robin Cook.

Under another Cyber Group Europe's subsidiary, Cyber Capital (, Dominique created and co-funded a Private Equity Fund specialized in the entertainment & media industry in partnership with Rothschild Bank.

Dominique has a Masters in Marketing Strategy & Market Research (Institut d'Etudes Politiques, Paris, France) as well as an MBA from the Institut d'Etudes Politiques, Paris, France - Magna Cum Laude.